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Saborea Campo de Criptana

When we think of Campo de Criptana, in the heart of La Mancha, one immediately recalls the famous exploits of Don Quixote de La Mancha and the Windmills, and its excellent food. Why not merge our tradition with new technology, why not offer our products and let other people enjoy them.


The Saborea Campo de Criptana Project was conceived with the aim of becoming an on-line point of sales for traditional food products which are made as our ancestors made them, that are accessible to everyone through the web without having to go anywhere, and available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for a community of millions of users.

Our range of products includes the best selection of Cheese, Wine, Oil, Cold Meats, Nuts, Confectionery, and all good quality and distinguished products of Campo de Criptana, We want this to be the main differentiating factor, what is all our products from this land of giants, are carefully made.


We are not the most famous on-line store, nor the most specialised in wine, nor do we have the largest range of products on the market, and we probably do not have the highest level of sales, but we are certain of one thing, all the products purchased at our store will have the most extraordinary quality and will be the most cost effective. This is guaranteed by the experience, knowledge and know-how of our producers, who are both large and small enterprises of Campo de Criptana, and who have been able to adapt to our times, but at the same keeping the same spirit as always.

We hope you enjoy visiting our web and relish our products in the very best company. Finally I would like to invite you to know the store tasted Criptana. It is the icing on the project, the most risky and committed part. In May 2001 after various efforts, we position ourselves in the right place to offer to the people and to all those who visit us our products of land of the Giants on a single point of sale.


In full Sierra, next to Los Molinos, Miguel de Cervantes which inspired to write the most famous battle of the ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, in the interior of the restaurant Cueva La Martina, can taste good wine, cheese and sweets, can know the oil from our olive oil mill, the "get", take our cooperatives Vermouth, and have fun with us. The offer is completed with works of several artisans of our region to take a good memory or to make a different, unique and original gift. We also have various items of souvenir, what would the tourist without his memory of Campo de Criptana?

We hope to see you soon and hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and that you can taste our products in the best company.
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